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Layered Bedding Tips for a Cozy and Stylish Winter

bedding RISmedia February 9, 2024

Layered Bedding Tips for a Cozy and Stylish Winter

The best winter decor evokes a sense of calm and a cozy atmosphere. Adding a touch of warming decor to your space is key to ensuring you have a welcoming haven during those frigid winter months. Your bedroom space should be no exception. 

Invest in a Mattress Topper
You can enhance your comfort and your warmth with a plush mattress topper. Investing in a quality mattress topper will make your mattress feel even better and add an extra layer of heat-trapping insulation to ensure you stay toasty in the chilly winter months.

Change to Winter Sheets
High-quality sheets can add a luxurious feel to your bedtime routine. Whether you opt for warming flannel sheets or a breathable cotton or statin option, now is an excellent time to invest in high-quality sheets. Be sure to opt for sheets in deep, rich colors or winter patterns to add both comfort and style.

Choose Your Winter Accent Colors
Introduce seasonal colors to your bedding to create an even more warming and welcoming atmosphere. Rich blues, purples, jades and burgundies are all excellent choices that can evoke a sense of calm and warmth. These are excellent options for creating a welcoming and cozy place to rest at the end of the day.

Change Your Duvet Cover
If you have a duvet or comforter that you use throughout the year, now is the time to swap out your duvet cover for a winter option. Whether you choose a beautiful winter pattern or go more simple with a color that hints at the season, you’re sure to bring warmth and cheer to your space.

Bring Out Your Warm Blanket or Quilt
Beat Winter’s Chill by laying on a warm blanket or quilt for additional warmth this season. choose a material like fleece wool or down for extra coziness and comfort during cold winter nights. for added visual style, be sure to choose a color or pattern that meshes well with your existing decor and hints to the season.

Mix Your Textures
Mixed textures will create visual interest and add an extra cozy feel at bedtime. Combine chunky knit blankets, soft and fuzzy faux fur throws, or velvet accent pillows for a luxurious bedtime experience. Ensure you are prepared for unexpectedly frosty nights by adding layered throws to the foot of your bed. This is an excellent spot to experiment with different patterns and textures,  incorporating your cable-knit, faux fur or woven blankets.

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