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Is your kitchen feeling a bit behind the times?

Kitchen RISMedia edited February 13, 2024

Spending a ton of time in the kitchen, whipping up meals, and keeping things tidy? Chances are, you might not have noticed how your kitchen's been holding up in the trend department.

But hey, times are changing! Today's kitchens are all about that sleek and practical vibe. Let's chat about seven kitchen trends that are waving goodbye to the past:

  1. Short Backsplashes: Are those backsplashes stopping short at six to eight inches above the countertop? So last season. If you're thinking of a kitchen makeover, take that backsplash up to the upper cabinets for a bigger, cleaner kitchen feel.

  2. Distressed Wood Cabinets: Remember the days when distressed wood cabinets were the heartthrob of country-style kitchens? Well, they're making way for natural wood or chic white finishes now.

  3. Over-the-Stove Microwaves: Over-the-stove microwaves were a hit when they first came on the scene. But today, families want their necessities accessible to everyone. Some are even redesigning cabinets, creating under-counter nooks for the microwave, and making it kid-friendly.

  4. Top-of-Cabinet Décor: Dusty accessories like artificial flowers or greenery above your cabinets? Nope, not anymore. Clear that space out for a more open and airy kitchen vibe.

  5. Hanging Pots and Pans: Remember those picturesque hanging racks with copper or stainless-steel pots and pans? Designers are making room for them in drawers or cabinets now, ditching the outdated country look for cleaner lines.

  6. Anything But Stainless Steel: From white to copper to avocado green, kitchen appliances have seen it all. But today, it's all about the cool and sleek look of stainless steel.

  7. Kitchen Desks: Kitchen desks, once a staple in upscale kitchens, are now yesterday's news. Move those mail-scanning and bill-paying duties to another room for some extra kitchen space and alternative storage options.

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